1-2 January, 2016
Delta Bow Valley, Calgary, AB

Media Partners

Oil & Gas IQ
Website: http://www.oilandgasiq.com/

Free Oil & Gas resources, networking and content from Oil & Gas IQ Over 45,000 Oil and Gas industry professionals make up the global Oil & Gas IQ community and benefit from free membership to a unique learning and networking portal. Oil & Gas IQ offers a unique multimedia platform... Read More

OffComm News
Website: http://offcommnews.com

Serving maritime, oil & gas, deserts, mines and other hard to reach areas with remote connectivity. Even in the hardest to reach places, organisations are increasing productivity, at greater speeds, across further distances. In addition, the people working in these environments are often on site for long periods of time... Read More

ASD News
Website: http://www.asdnews.com

ASD News brings the latest aerospace, defense, and security news from government, industry, and major news agencies around the world.  Our service has over 60,000 active subscribers and 2 million article readers per year.  ASDNews content is categorized in over 25 main news groups, for example: "Training & Simulation News",... Read More

Oil IT
Website: http://www.oilit.com

Published monthly since 1996, Oil IT Journal offers independent insight on upstream information technology, applications, knowledge and data management. The subscription-based newsletter is widely read throughout the industry. Oil IT Journal editors provide on the spot reports from industry conferences such as AAPG, EAGE, Energistics, PNEC, PPDM, SEG, SPE and... Read More

Privacy Risks Advisors
Website: http://www.privacyrisksadvisors.com

The Privacy Risks Advisors delivers content surrounding Privacy and DataBreach Management. We offer knowledge to C Level Executives of a company tomanage Privacy & Data breach management incidents effectively. PrivacyRisks Advisors supports Cyber Risks Advisors LinkedIn Group.  Read More

Offshore Technology
Website: http://www.offshore-technology.com

With 115,000 visitors a month, offshore-technology.com is one of the leading websites covering the needs of the global offshore oil and gas industry. Featuring a mixture of articles including the latest news, views, industry project updates and trends, offshore-technology.com provides senior engineers, managers and other leading technology decision makers with... Read More

Website: http://www.theogm.com

The OGM delivers unique content in such a way that it communicates the way we think about our resources and how we live and operate while developing them. We understand that this concept is crucial to sustain engagement, as we’ve taken great care to ensure our energy information reflects global... Read More